The complete building solution is now available here and provided totally by Build Bs9. We have brought together a team with many years of experience in architecture, Engineering and construction to ensure you get the most out of working with us. Our architects assess your property and provide 3D CAD drawings bringing your home improvements to life. We submit planning applications and building regulation to ensure that the hassle and stress is taken away from our clients. Please see our step by step guide of this process below.​

Architects for Extension Planning & Architectural Services in Bristol


Stage 1. Architects Visit

When Build Bs9 undertake Lofts and Extensions in Bristol we can provide a special design and planning team who are experts in gaining you planning approval. An architect will be sent to visit you at your home to listen to your needs and will explain to you the various options you have available to maximise your homes potential for your budget. The architect will also take down all the relevant measurements that are needed for your CAD plans (computer aided design) and your structural calculations..

Stage 2: Architectural Plans Designed

 After your first initial visit, our Bristol home improvements design and planning team will come together and go over the various options your home conversion. The team will look at your home and local area to see what the restrictions are in your area, as every area has different rules. Then Computer Aided Design plans (CAD) will be designed and drawn up for you along with any structural calculations that will be made by our structural engineer. 


Stage 3: Drawings Approved by You

Once all your home extension plans and structural calculations have been designed by our design and planning team, a member of our team should again visit you at your home. The technician will bring with them your CAD plans and structural calculations to be approved by you. Now you will have a much clearer picture about how your home improvement project will look and be built, once the architect's drawings are approved by you! They are now ready for council submission.

Stage 4: Submission & Planning Approval

Once you are happy with your CAD plans, a member of our team will now submit them for you, to your local council authority. If you are going through building control you will be provided a receipt of submission within approximately seven working days, you should receive written approval from your local council to commence work. If you are submitting your plans through planning control it will take up to eight weeks.

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Stage 5: Party Wall Notices

The Party Wall Etc Act 1996 requires that notice be given to neighbouring owners where it is considered likely that the proposals of a neighbour will be likely to affect another neighbouring structure. It is a legal duty for a Building Owner to serve the appropriate notices in the correct manner. Failure to do so can result in an injunction being sought to stop the work!

Stage 6: Project Management

Build Bs9 - Lofts and Extensions specialists understand that any large building work can be a very daunting experience for a home owner, this is why for each build we designate you, your very own project manager to project manage your home conversion from plans to completion. You will have direct contact with the project manager, who will be on site  daily to make sure everything runs smoothly. If there is anything you are concerned about your project manager will deal with it for you instantly.